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California Croissant offers the best quality products available in the industry. With 35+ years of experience and expertise in the art of French style baking, we are able to provide you a large selection of 100% all-natural breads and pastries. We use only the freshest and most natural of ingredients, combined with our highly controlled and scalable baking process to achieve the best tasting, longest-lasting and most consistent products. California Croissant is committed to be the industry leader in the premium baked goods category by focusing on product's quality, trailblazing innovation and outstanding customer service. Our recipes and designs are specifically developed for the food service, retail, and co-packing industries throughout the Western United States. Today, we continue to look for innovative ways to produce better tasting breads and pastries. 



We offer a wide variety of breads, croissants, pastries and more. By using the most high quality ingredients, we guarantee that you and your customers will fall in love at first bite.


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